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Windshield repair in PUTNEY

Your windshield keeps you safe from the harsh elements. It is also a part of your vehicle safety system, such as the airbags and seat belts. In cases of minor damages, scratches and breakage, we at Safelist will try to overhaul it wherever possible. If deemed impossible to repair, we will provide you an estimate and install a restoration that will measure up to the highest safety regulations.

repair Leaky windshield (5346)

There are a number of causes why your vehicle may experience a leaky windshield but here’s the bottomline: the windshield needs to be properly inspected prior to determining a solution to the problem (5346). If damage to your vehicle’s windshield is too significant to repair, we can install a safety-approved substitute.


Scratch repair in PUTNEY Windshield

No matter how small the damage may be, your vehicle’s scratched windscreen or glass windows need immediate attention and our expert advice. We highly advise that you have the glass restored or replaced.

PUTNEY:  Mirror repairs in Vermont

Car side mirror broken? Rear view mirror lacking the mirror? The passenger mirror is designed to boost your field of vision and to eliminate your blind spot problem. Replacing it with a convex mirror versus a normal mirror is always a good thing –NEVER substitute this as one day it might save a life (yours!). For a fraction of the charge, we repair chips in PUTNEY and cracks to the same strength as the original glass for both rear as well as side mirrors. We re-attach mirrors at NO COST!

We offer twenty four hour mobile services on auto glass repairs, doing onsite (mobile) services to your work and home. No need to take your vehicle to our shop.


Windshield  Glass Repair Service

Need urgent auto glass repair at an low-cost cost?

We at American Auto Glass Repair Shop in PUTNEY 5346 ensure excellent service the first time, all the time. Get your vehicle’s glass repaired by our highly certified and experienced glass tech professionals in Vermont. We offer speedy replacement services in VT ranging from, but not solely to.


Window replacement in PUTNEY, 5346

Damage to your vehicle is not limited to windshields. A shattered car window exposes you (and your car) to the elements as well as expose it to car thieves. Using a temporary fix to patch up your broken window makes it unprotected and vulnerable to accidents. The quickest, safest and most efficient way to get your vehicle’s window fixed is to call us to repair or replace it by utilizing a superior repair kit and get you back on the road in the quickest possible time.

Door glass

Instructions in door glass restoration or replacement differ from those of the windshield. Our expert- technicians can fix both small and big repairs in the most efficient, cost aware way in order to preserved the urgent support structure of your car.